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How Does Natural Charcoal Deodorant Work?

How Does Natural Charcoal Deodorant Work? A lot of people familiar with beauty products can attest to the varied benefits of activated charcoal that has been trending lately. It is known to help clear out pores by taking out impurities and removing excess oil.

However, as much as activated charcoal is being publicised, charcoal deodorant is yet to make as many waves as the general benefits of charcoal.

Who would have thought that charcoal would be this amazing ingredient that works magic in skin care products? And now, deodorant?

What Makes up a Natural Charcoal Deodorant?

Natural charcoal deodorant is made up of activated charcoal, shea butter, cocoa butter, and a blend of essential oils, among other nourishing natural ingredients.

Activated charcoal is made from burning wood, regular coal, or other natural materials. This enables the charcoal to create porous surfaces that help suck out impurities from the skin.

What Does It Do To The Body?

Natural charcoal deodorants do the following to the body:

  1. Activated charcoal uses a process known as “adsorption” where it binds other substances to its surface, in a chemical reaction. This makes it absorb many molecules, thousand times its weight, from the skin. When used in deodorants, it helps suck out dirt from the armpits and keep it free of bacteria that may cause an offensive odor.
  2. It helps significantly in detoxification. If you’re looking to have a skin detox in your underarms, then you should go for natural charcoal deodorants. The armpits are liable to accumulate toxins over time, especially if you’ve been using commercial deodorants that come with lots of chemicals dangerous to the skin. The natural charcoal deodorant will help pull out these toxins and leave your armpits free from dirt.
  3. Almost every skin type can make use of the natural charcoal deodorant. However, if you observe continuous and painful itching, it’s best you discontinue use.

Although the natural charcoal deodorant works just like regular deodorants, it does even more to the skin and is an excellent antiperspirant. Also, due to its natural ingredients, you can be certain of little or no adverse effects, except for allergies.

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